Garnet is the birthstone for January. The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word “Garanatus”. Garnet is the collective name for a group of minerals.


Garnet stone is a semi-precious gemstone available in varieties of colors. It is best known for its healing properties.

Who should I wear a Garnet?

Garnet stone is the rashi ratna for sunsign Aquarius (Kumbh). There are many closely related varieties of the Garnet gemstone that have different colours and are used as substitutes for other gemstones. Garnets are known for their curative properties and calming effects and have been in use since the Bronze Age.

Which Garnet Stone should I buy?

Garnet gemstone should ideally weigh at least 1/10th carats of your body weight. (60 kg body weight = 6 carat + stone).

Garnet stone should have high clarity, pure color and no chemical or heat treatments.

Garnet Benefits

  1. The greatest benefit of Garnet is received when it is used in healing therapy. Garnet gemstone is known to bring positivity, stability, good health and enthusiasm in life.
  2. One of the benefits of Garnet gemstone is its healing effects on the emotions of a person. It is known to ward off nightmares (bad dreams), alleviate mental depression and cure sleep disorders.
  3. In Business field, the compatible astrological effects of Garnet are derived by keeping Garnet crystals in the cash counter or cash register to attract luck and wealth.
  4. People who work in fields related to Tourism & Travel or whose jobs require extensive travelling can reap a lot of benefits of garnets. Garnet gemstone blesses its wearer with safe travels, strength and wanderlust.
  5. One of the most significant benefits of garnet stones is that they provide their wearer with good decision making skills. Garnet gemstone gives its wearer the power to have clear focus, self awareness and fulfilling commitments.
  6. People whose businesses deal in oils, paints, iron, coal etc. readily receives the effects of wearing garnet gemstone.
  7. Red garnet gemstone benefits the sex drive, potency, vigor and reproductive health of its wearer.
  8. Medically, it is believed that Garnet stone benefits the heart lungs, spinal cord, bones (esp backbone) and in conditions of the knees and the joints.

Garnet Gemstone Price

  • Garnet stone price per carat in India and worldwide depends upon Weight (measured in carats or ratti), Treatments and Quality (Cut, Clarity and Color).
  • Original and natural Garnet price in India in rupees generally lies between Rs 250 per carat and rupees 350 per carat and above. Garnet stone cost value in India is quite affordable.
  • For best astrological effects of Garnet, your first choice should be the Garnet stone price in India of Rs 350 per carat. Your second choice should be the category with Garnet Gemstone price of Rs 250 per carat. If your budget is less, you can opt for the category with price of Garnet stones in India Rs 150 per carat. However, you should avoid the lower quality if possible since it is astrologically less effective than the better ones.
  • For Astrological purpose, it does not make much sense to purchase Garnet with price per carat above Rs.350 as those are collector level or jewelry pieces.
  • Garnet gemstone prices per carat can be converted into Tamara stone price per Ratti by multiplying it by 0.9 (so, Rs 10,000/ct = Rs 9,000/ratti).

Most gemstone dealers sell heated and treated Garnets, which have lesser astrological effects, thereby not making you get your money’s worth. Therefore, do ensure that you get a trusted lab certification mentioning tests for treatment.

Garnet Quality

  • The Garnet’s quality depends upon its cut, color and clarity. The stone should have a smooth surface, fewer internal inclusions and pure and uniform color.

  • The cut and shape of Garnet gemstones only has ornamental significance and not astrological. However, it is considered better to have a neatly polished and cut surface.

  • For astrological purpose, it is preferred to have as tone with high clarity.

Variants of Garnet & Substitute For Garnet

  • Garnets are used extensively in Gem Healing Therapy and also as substitutes for primary gemstones. For example, Red Garnet is used as a substitute for Ruby stone, while brown garnet is used as a substitute for the finer Yellow Grossular Garnet ‘Hessonite’.

Garnets are found in a variety of colours and types that are slightly different in chemical compositions but have similar properties, for example –

  • Almandine Garnet – a brownish, reddish color quality of Garnets

  • Andradite Garnet – olive, dark yellow, green or nearly black variety of Garnet

  • Grossular Garnet – This variety of Garnets are found in yellow, dark brown, golden, orange or deep green colors.

  • Uvarovite Garnet – Commonly known as the ‘Green Garnet’, Uvarovite Garnets have dark and deep green colour.


Q) How to Wear Garnet Gemstone?

A) The best choice as the metal for Garnet should be Silver. The second choice as the metal for Garnet should be Gold and Panchdhatu.

Q) Buy Garnet Online?

A) Be careful, as many dealers sell treated or heated Garnets having less or no astrological effects. Therefore, when you buy Garnet Online, ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its authenticity from a Reputed Lab and that the dealer is ready to get the gemstone certified from any reputed lab of your choice (careful: there are fake labs as well!).

The seller should also have a clear refund policy and hopefully, a large presence (larger organizations are likely to be more careful about their brand and stay away from unethical practices).

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