ben wa balls for female tightning


What are kegel balls?

Kegel balls are tiny balls that are put right into your vagina. Originally, they were invented by guys for the enjoyment of males. Made around 500 A.D. in Japan, the first Ben Wa balls were made of metal with mercury within them. During sexual intercourse, the spheres were inserted, making sex extra stimulating for the guys. After a long time, the women realized that the spheres offered enjoyment and sexual arousal to them also.

These days, there are so many kinds of Ben Wa balls. While the classic steel product still stands, some are likewise made from plastic and also silicone! Regardless of their material, each round has a tiny weight inside that bounces and strikes the walls of the outer sphere; this creates friction and promotes the vaginal area from within.

Kegel balls are also called Ben Wa balls, orgasm balls, venus balls, jiggle balls, geisha balls, love balls, and pleasure balls. Kegel balls have primarily been used as sexual wellness products and used during kegel exercises for more effectiveness. They are very useful in getting and maintaining the pelvic floor in shape and stronger. They also help in preparing for childbirth and reduce pain during it. It also helps in controlled bowels and bladder movements, prevention of uterine, vaginal prolapse and incontinence and increased sexual pleasure for both sexual partners. Other advantages include good posture, spinal stability and ‘peezing’- peeing while sneezing. Kegels balls help with this by tightening the pelvic muscles.

How To Use Kegel Balls?

Wash your hands and the kegel balls with antibacterial soap and water, and air dry. Apply lube on the balls generously and lie down.Time to get the ball in your vagina! Insert the kegel balls one by one gently and let the main string hang outside the vagina. To make sure they don’t fall out, push them as far in as you can and tighten your pelvic muscles. That’s it you and your balls are ready to roll! If you experience any pain or discomfort, try again or stop if it continues. Dont let the balls hang in for more than 4-6 hours at a time. Check the balls for any cracks before every use.

how to use ben wa balls

After they are in,you can do your kegel exercises. If you are using them for solo pleasure, start exploring yourself while flexing your pelvic muscles or grab a sex toy like a vibrator. For partner sex, kegel balls help you get aroused and self-lubricated during foreplay. Make sure you pull them out before putting anything in!

How To Remove Kegel Balls?

To remove the balls, lie down and lube up your vaginal area. Gently hold the string and the balls should come out easily. Don’t worry if this takes a little time. The kegel balls cannot get “lost or stuck” in your vagina. Repeat the same procedure or – cough hard, jump up and down or squat and push out. Once you get them out, wash them clean with water and antibacterial soap. Air dry and store in their own case. Never put away kegel balls without washing. The better care you take of the kegel balls, the longer they will last.

Most likely one of the most exciting attributes of them all is the vibrating feature. Selected collections have a built-in resonance motor that can either massage therapy or offer your pussy a pulsating experience, Some vibrating Ben Wa balls have a different remote that you can provide to your partner for them to control the speed or intensity of the resonance.

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