A refurbished phone is as good as a newly purchased phone with the slightest signs of previous use. A refurbished mobile phone is a pre-owned phone that undergoes rigorous hardware and software quality checks and is returned to its original working condition. In general, people call refurbished mobile phones purana phone’ as well. At Pinkshop, a refurbished smartphone or purana phone is given a new lease of life so that it can keep you connected and entertained. Refurbished phones are much cheaper than brand-new phones with the same quality and functionality. Refurbished smartphones at Pinkshop have undergone minor repair by our technical experts to restore them to their original settings and have been certified by Pinkshop Quality certified after 64 Quality Checks. At Pinkshop, only authorised refurbished phones are available with the best quality accessories. 

What is a Refurbished Mobile Phone?

The smartphones listed under the refurbished segment are quality certified and have been repaired/ reconditioned by our technology experts to their pristine settings. All these second-hand 4G handsets go through 36 stringent quality checks on multiple levels covering both physical & functional aspects before they are put up online for sale. The final refurbished mobile phone is presented to the customer in original packaging along with the original accessories. Additionally, all products are covered under Pinkshop’s 6-month warranty. Explore the wide collection to buy a ‘like new phone’ at discounted prices!

Condition of Refurbished Phone

Each seller has their own way of showing the condition of refurbished smartphones. The state of the phone can be checked by screen quality, scratches, ease of use of charging ports, battery status, etc. Depending on the quality of the functionality like this, a description of the device is provided. Pinkshop provides a detailed description of each refurbished phone that helps you know its quality before you buy it. Pinkshop allows you to buy high-quality refurbished phones at affordable prices. Pinkshop phone goes through 26 rigorous quality checks and is refurbished using certified components and spare parts. No wonder the final version of the best-refurbished mobile phone you get is spotless and as good as new. 

Why should buy a refurbished phone over a new phone?

Refurbished phones are in no way less than a branded sealed phone, they work as good as a new one, so why pay more for what’s available at less! Online Shopping for branded used phones in India is easiest at Pinkshop. Just a few clicks will give you access to mobile brands, reviews, product descriptions and specifications for all smartphones. Smartphones listed under this category are not new but are ‘like new’ in looks and functioning. Flawless, Good and Fair are the three quality categories that we deal in. Flawless being the supreme in looks & quality costs higher while the latter ones are budget-friendly options.

Buy Best Refurbished Phones from Pinkshop at Best Prices

We have a large inventory of branded smartphones in refurbished, unpacked, and used versions, which leave you unlimited options in products & budget range to choose from. On every smartphone purchase, there are amazing deals and discounts. In addition to this, we offer a warranty on every phone, the quality of which is certified by our technical experts. 

Certified Refurbished Mobile Phone Brands Available on Pinkshop

With a wide range of refurbished smartphones on Pinkshop, you have numerous choices. Be it Refurbished iPhones or Refurbished Android phones from top brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Oneplus, Realme, and more, you can choose anything as per your need. Pinkshop helps you find the best deals on refurbished phones in the market, all in a few clicks. Shop for refurbished mobile phones from Pinkshop that gives you peace of mind. All refurbished mobiles from Pinkshop are well tested that comes with 1 year warranty, and certified by professionals, and have minimal or almost no signs of wear and tear.